Anonymous Hosting Providers

Your privacy and the security of your website should be top priority.

Freedom of Speech on the Internet has become a great concern, as domain seizures by governments continue to rise, lawsuits are filed for just saying ¡§the wrong thing¡¨ and staying anonymous is becoming increasingly difficult.

Anonymous Hosting Benefits

Anonymous Hosting is extremely beneficial for not only Freedom of Speech, but also for controversial issues such as Information Sharing, File Sharing, and more. This is why when you choose the Best Anonymous Web Hosting Provider, you may take all of these factors in consideration, in addition to the feedback of their customers ¡V to pick the very best web hosting to keep your identity safe and your website secure.

Best Hosting Providers
Vindo International Ltd. is the leader in anonymous hosting services since 2009 that focus in total privacy solutions.

Breaking Internet Censorship Ltd. protects customer information and any information stored or transmitted that may be personally identifiable.
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The Netherlands

Russian Federation


Anonymous Hosting Protects Your Personal Information

Any reputed anonymous hosting provider will never encourage illegal activities through these means. Usually, anonymity is maintained to encourage people like famous bloggers, who want their words to reach out the common people but without knowing their identity, or mostly to safeguard the trade secrets of a particular organization from rest of the world.

These companies or hosts neither ask for customer's name or address, but open the account by providing a relationship number, which pretty much assures that the customer's identity will never be divulged, no matter what the situation is. After all, when the provider has no record of the customer's details, there remains no scope of the information getting leaking out even accidentally.